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Community Work

This Girl Can & Active Together

Bhangra Fusion has had the opportunity to work with local communities and schools to improve both women and children's mental and physical wellbeing. Reema is an ambassador for the THIS GIRL CAN Leicestershire and an Active Together Champion for North West Leicestershire, featuring on BBC East Midlands News and showcase at Leicestershire Sports Awards 2019 and Loughborough Mela

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BhangraFusion for Schools

My workshops can help increase your children’s motivation, confidence, and their mental agility but also an improvement in their energy levels throughout the day which will in turn keep them focused, resilient and generally happier. They are also designed to complement a range of topics across the school curriculum such as cultural diversity, RE as well as PHSE. The children start with a warm up, learn a routine from one of the signature programmes and finish with a cooldown. Vary from 30-60 mins of activity.

BhangraFusion for Schools Programme

Half Day/ Full Day workshop

BhangraFusion Coach to deliver a half / full day workshop as a way to introduce Bhangra music, culture and teach a workout routine to improve rhythm, coordination, stamina and balance.

6 weeks OR 12 month online programme

PE or Teacher Lead to facilitate access to an online LIVE or recorded video/s to cover a 6 week term time programme for the children to improve energy levels , instill focus and discipline and overall wellbeing

Teacher Training Workshop

Train the teachers to run their own Bhangra/ Bollywood classes. Building confidence, sharing practises to lead their own class using a series of different signature programmes as well as helping to improve their own wellbeing.

Benefits of Workshops...

Learning a new dance skill through a fun and energetic yet simple routine

An opportunity to choreograph their own routines using what they have learnt and compete against one another whilst working in teams or pairs 

Develop their flexibility, coordination and balance using a series of bhangra steps whilst improving their energy levels

To develop their rhythm, counting beats, hand and feet techniques as well as improving overall movement 

Being more focussed and disciplined which helps with overall mental agility

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