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Let the Energy Embrace you...


A unique and fun way for busy mums to improve coordination and stamina, boost self-confidence, increase energy levels and flexibility. Give your body an all over workout and a great dance style to learn for that special occasion.


Traditional Bhangra moves are combined with this cardio workout. It not only boosts energy levels but by adding more intensity to the steps, you also improve your stamina. 


Our Bhangra Steps are fused together with the much loved High Intense Interval Training traditional workouts (HIIT) to create a fun and effective workout that is sure to burn those calories away. 


This intense workout will get you drumming to the sound of the dhol (drum) whilst working up a sweat. This is a great way to improve your rhythm, coordination endurance and agility. 

Deborah Walters

"Loved the classes and how we can link up at home so as not to miss out on the fun. Reema your great thanks for a fab workout"

Emma HolyOake

"It was my first time trying this class, was not disappointed absolutely loved it! Great form of exercise for all fitness levels.!"

Neeta Mistry

"Brilliant class, great work out, full of energy & fun in great atmosphere . Reema is amazing instructor, highly recommend it! "

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