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About Reema

Reema grew up dancing to Bhangra and Bollywood music since she was a child, always dancing to the sound of the dhol.

Now at 46, mum to 5 beautiful children, Reema has rekindled her passion by becoming a Bhangra Fitness instructor in 2018 to support busy women (and men) who like her want to become a better, healthier version of themselves and instill a positive mindset. Her Classes can not only improve your coordination and stamina, they boosts self -confidence, increase energy levels and flexibility too. BHANGRA-FUSION is a fun, energetic and unique way to give your body an all over workout and a great dance style to learn for that special occasion. Classes include BollyFusion, Fusion HITT, Fusion Beats, Bhangra Fitness and Zumba Fusion. Reema is also into healthy nutrition and offers nutritional advice and support about following a holistic approach to clean living such as 30 day health plans to her clients.

She has also reached out to local communities and schools to give them the opportunities to improve mental and physical wellbeing. She is an ambassador for the THIS GIRL CAN campaign too.

Reema was honoured to recently be awarded a Healthier Lifestyle and Service to the Community Award in Leicestershire in 2019. Reema believes it doesn't matter what fitness level you are, young or old, anyone can dance if you let the energy embrace you.

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